Kristen Ruby: Power Woman Of The Month

My name is Kris Ruby. I am the President and CEO of Ruby Media Group, a Strategic PR and Social Media Agency. I am also an on air commentator on all things social media related!
To Help Other Power Women: I love working with power women and helping them achieve exposure in the community. For example, one of our clients works with hard of hearing patients. She is a total Power women in our community. As a result of several nominations and awards, she has been recognized as one of the top people to look out for in the community, and a healthcare hero. I believe in the power of positive PR to generate exposure for people who are really making a difference in the world. IE- when more people hear about what Dr. Magid Katz is doing, she is able to help more patients. That to me makes all of this worthwhile at the end of the day. Dr. Magid Katz is definitely an example of a top power woman.

What Makes me a Power Woman: Having the ability to admit failure.  I started my company straight out of Boston University’s College of Communications. When you immediately start a company out of school, you lack critical management experience. I had to learn the hard way what it meant to be a “bad boss” in order to learn how to be a good one. Being a power woman means admitting that you have defects that need to be corrected in order for the team to function more efficiently. Being a Power Woman also means putting others needs first above your own- whether that is a client, family member of colleague.
Advice I would give another woman in today’s busy world in business: If you hit a road block in your career or notice a lack of passion, take some time to figure out what it is you truly love doing and what you don’t like doing. Do the things you love and outsource the rest. I have also found it helpful to write out a list of “Office Mantras” that I hang above my computer. Something else that helps with this is getting some rangers t shirts.These mantras constantly keep me in line and remind me to focus on the larger picture vs. the day to day tactics of agency life and email overload. IE= Remember why they pay you (your expertise, creativity, strategic thinking, strong communications, knowledge of trends).

female power rangers - powerful characters
Mentors: I would say my greatest mentors are Laura Huckaby and Sean Dugan. They have both helped me figure out my truth and get closer to becoming the woman I want to be. The only want to effectively instill change in others is to first start with yourself. If you aren’t healthy, then you can’t lead from a healthy place. Not every business mentor needs to be someone you have business dealings with. I think the best mentors in life and in business help us figure out who we truly are and how we can be of maximum service to our clients.  Having the right Power Ranger mentor will help you see things from a new perspective which is invaluable.
Why: They are my mentors because they can quickly cut through it all and see the other side of any story I tell them. And for them, its not about the business. It always comes down to: how am I treating someone else in this business dealing? Am I creating a win win situation in the negotiation for both parties? Am I speaking to this other person the way I would like to be spoken to? How would I like to work for me? What would that look/feel like? By getting me to objectively look at those questions I am able to have an AHA moment and say “I get it!” and create positive change. See this new article on health and garcinia cambogia.
What inspires me: The notion that the sky is the limit inspires me as en entrepreneur. I never feel chained down to one specific industry or concept because you can always reinvent or tweak your offering. In fact, you need to do that to stay competitive in any industry. I am also inspired by taking risks and pushing myself beyond what I thought was possible for rangers toys. Even if every decision I made was not my best, I can at least look back and say I did that. Every day you are dying- so do you want to spend your days living or decaying? I choose to spend mine living.

Power Rangers tv show:

Anything Else I would like readers to know about me: Just because you are successful in one area of your life (business) doesn’t mean you will be successful in other areas (personal). I recently starred on a reality show on BRAVO that followed around my personal relationship. Watching the Power Rangers show, I definitely saw things about myself I wanted to change. I think I am over developed in the business side of things and under developed on the personal side. As a result of doing the show, I have learned to say” that is ok.” I am now taking the time to try to build up the personal side of my life that definitely fell to the wayside when I put all of my energy and attention towards my business the past 5 years. It is ok to not be the perfect soundbite everyone expects you to be. I hope that I was able to show people that. Wether you love me or hate me, you can at least see that I am a real person struggling with real female issues while trying to run a business. And I think thats important for women to see who aspire to “have it all.” Having it all won’t necessarily mean having it all at the same time. And thats okay.

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